Appache groovy, or just plain groovy is JVM language, that builds on standard java with many modern and flexible features that developers outside of java have become accustomed too.

Since groovy can accept most java files. So, its perfect for anyone with a java foundation. In learning groovy, a developer can start out writing java and build on groovy concepts and idioms, and add them to their programs, or even refactor as the develop their groovy chopss.

Some of those features are dynamic typing, operator overloading, and native support for lists, maps, regualr expressions. Plus, features like automatic null pointer checking, and the safe navigator operator ?. Groovy can even be executed as an uncompiled script.

Popular usages of groovy are:

Hello World

Try the traditional "Hello World" example below:

class helloWorld {
   static void main(String[] args) {
      // Use a simple println statement to print hello world to the console
      println('Hello World');

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